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Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly sessions are available to individuals seeking to gain skills, break habits, increase independence, and create new behavioral repertoires. Individual therapy sessions are goal-focused and typically last for 10- 20 weeks, though some clients choose to continue to work on additional goals or contract for more sessions to reinforce gains. For more information on my treatment approach/philosophy, please refer to the “About me” section of this website. Examples of goals that may be worked on in individual therapy include increasing frustration tolerance, improving social communication skills, increasing awareness of the social environment, identifying triggers and managing anxiety, improving mood regulation, and decreasing rigidity in the environment. Two requirements for treatment are that the participant possess enough cognitive ability to be make use of 53 minutes of verbally mediated interventions and be motivated to engage in treatment. Initial appointments are 120 minutes long and include a review of records and intake information, an assessment of current needs, and the development of a treatment plan. Clients are asked to bring a parent, spouse, or other relative or close friend with them to initial sessions. Subsequent individual sessions are typically 53 minutes long.

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